Monday, 27 August 2012

Back In Aus

I've been back in Australia now for roughly 4 weeks. It seems like the terrible weather I read about whilst being away has stopped and now the conditions are back. I'm trying to get out about 3 times a week now, as indoor bouldering just doesn't cut it. Bonnet bay was my first stop. I ticked Horizontal and Pop the bonnet, to complete my Bonnet bay quartet of V8s and had a small play on cling thing, but it wasn't to be. Next up was Crumbly. Dr Dave Kellerman recently rediscovered a very nice line extending from nasty and traversing quite high to finish above Genesis. I spent a while on this, getting my sequence checked but it went with relative ease. Next up is the link, which I know quite a few people have their eyes on.

Dave Hughes just put up a new, somewhat chossy low traverse from the start holds of Nasty to the start  hold of Sushi Train. The lowball is called Tushi Strain and goes at about V4. I linked this into Sushi Train via the jug block of Genesis to give Edo Style at about V8.

About 2 weeks later I was back at Crumbly with Liam and Nicholas. Liam was working Abacus after having done the stand 3 months ago.

I tried the link of Life Changes into Reading Between the lines but it was a no-go. Pete Tosen has it dialled so I expect that will be knocked off shortly. I finally got my head around Blacker Magic V9 and Nicholas did Black Magic as his first completed outdoor boulder ever.

2 days ago I went to Sissy in order to work Bursting and Buffalo Bill. Both V8. Bursting went first shot of the session whereas Buffalo Bill defeated me. In my break from trying Buffalo Bill I had a crack at Silent Bob V10 and to my surprise, completed it after about 10minutes. I'd never been able to pull the 4th move of it and for some reason it just clicked. My guess is having new shoes.

I'm hoping to get out to The Lip this weekend to finish my project there, so i'll hopefully have a video or some pictures up here next week.


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