Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Getting started..

I've been terrible at keeping these in the past but I figure that now is as good a time as any to begin my eblogging experience (again).

Where to start? The weather in the last month has been amazing! Add in a 10day trip to the Gramps with a good crew and magic happens. I arrived with Liam and Christophe late monday night at the luxurious Mount Zero Log Cabins. Needless to say, we were off for a quick boulder almost as soon as we stepped through the door. Hitting up Andersons, Liam and I kicked off the trip with a flash of Artillery, an amazing semi-highball piece of fun. As the night grew darker, Liam managed a quick ascent of Bismark and I of Mr Knox, it was a nice start.

Over the course of the next week our party grew to include Andrew, Quentin, and Big Simon, their presence adding to the amazing send train we were on.

The first train arrived after about half an hour on the 100 Pound Club, a V10 double dyno on the Epsilon wall. Liam was the first to tick, followed by myself, and then Quentin in the space of about 2 minutes.

We then moved along to the spurt wall/afterglow boulders where a variety of V8's and 9's were shared amongst us. The last trip I took out here gave me a taste of the quality rock around, but left me with a thirst for more. One such boulder which I 'tasted' last time was a V8 called Crisco Love Party. It's a pretty cool line over very questionable terrain. I did it first shot this trip. It was coooooooool.

After an almost rest day, we headed up to H.M.C. to try our luck at the classics. I managed to send Extreme-Cool V8, Amniotic World v9, Ogre Thumb v9, and flash Rave Heart v8, Liam and Quentin each sending 3 of these four. Both Quentin and I had a play on American Pie but it remained out of reach.

After that session Liam and I decided to take another rest day, In which we both got the quick tick of Butcher's Choice V10, a rad line of underclings and smears down in Trackside. 

The 17th landed me a bunch of V7's and 8's whilst Liam laid siege to Gripmaster however unsuccessfully. Andrew tried his luck on Spanking the Monkey Bars Direct but was just off the money.

It was Liam's Birthday that night, thus no one really climbed the next day. Liam and I had some fun at the campground boulders, with Liam flashing Da Lai Lahmung. The next day saw us at Snakepit and the citadel. Quentin made what might be the 3rd or 4th ascent of If You Want Blood You've Got It V12 and I got both strammamax and Raging bull 2nd shot.

We wrapped things up with an easy day in the Trackside, Between the Sheeps, and Caves Club and then made our 13hr trip back to sydney. 

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