Thursday, 10 May 2012


Where to begin? I'm in Paris now about to leave to Fontainebleau tomorrow (the 11th). It's been a bizarre ride so far. My four month trip of non-stop bouldering could've had a better start. Arriving in France I was greeted by Jan, Stef, and interminable rain and clouds. It would seem that this trip was going to be wet. The forecast predicted terrible weather for the entire month, so we decided to journey south.
What an amazing part of France, I'm really quite glad to have visited this area with all it's warmth and fresh food.
Sport climbing is the main game here and in two and a half weeks we visited the hardcore Buoux, the rainy day cave Volx, and St. Leger at the foot of Mt Ventoux. All three crags offered completely different styles of climbing, from old school techy pocket pulling, to powerful jug hauling. I hadn't lead outdoors in about 3 years and I was pleasantly surprised by my climbing here. I did my first 8a, Shaoshing, 2nd shot and flashed L'invitation au Voyage 7c+. 

After this brief period of non-bouldering I took a few days off and visited Paris, resting up before Mello Blocco. Missing my train on the day of travel, I was able to get in a few hours in Val di Mello before the storm hit. And what a storm it was. Three days and nights of solid rain and a flooded campsite left a lot to be desired climbing wise. I met both Chris Sharma and Sasha Digulian at the festival, and bought myself some much needed climbing attire. Font looks like it will be really good for the next three weeks!

Fingers crossed.

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